Visa Formalities

Bhutan Visa Formalities.

With the exception of visitors from India, Bangladesh and Maldives, all other visitors to Bhutan need a visa. All Bhutanese visas are issued only by Department of Immigration, Ministry of Home and Cultural Affairs, Royal Government of Bhutan. Furthermore, Bhutan visa is issued only from head office of the Department of Immigration which is based in Thimphu- the capital city of Bhutan.

Visas are only issued to the tourists who have booked their trip to Bhutan with local licensed tour operators such as Discover Happiness Tours & Travel, either directly or through foreign travel agents. Tourist visa applications should to be submitted by a local licensed Bhutanese tour company like Discover Happiness Tours & Travel or any other local Bhutanese tour companies and visas have to be obtained in advance for traveling to Bhutan.

How to Apply for Bhutanese Visa in Advance and How to Obtain it?

Bhutan visa clearance letter is approved by the Tourism Council of Bhutan after concerned tourists have paid the full tour cost and visa fees to the Tourism Council of Bhutan through a local Bhutan tour operator / travel company like Discover Happiness Tours &Travel or any other Bhutanese local tour companies. A copy of visa clearance letter will be sent to the concerned tourists before their travel dates as it is important that tourists should have their visa clearance letter with them while boarding Drukair flights to Bhutan. Local Bhutan travel companies like Discover Happiness Tours &Travel ensures that a copy of visa clearance letter reaches the DrukAir office at the airports where the tourists board their flights to Bhutan.

The actual visa is stamped in your passport at the point of entry either at Paro Airport (if travel to Bhutan by air) or at Phuentsholing / Samdrupjongkhar/Gelephu (if traveling to Bhutan by road) based on your visa clearance letter. You will then receive a visa for the period of your Bhutan tour in Bhutan.

Bhutan Tourist Visa Extension.

If you would like to extend your Bhutan visa to stay additional days in Bhutan Discover Happiness Tours & Travel will process for your visa extension for you and the visa renewal fee is Nu.500 (US$1 = Nu. 64 approximately as of 2018).

Information and Documents Required for Bhutan Visa Application

Discover Happiness Tours & Travel will obtain your Bhutanese tourist visa once your Bhutan trip is confirmed by making full Bhutan tour payment and Bhutan visa fee of US$40 to the Tourism Council of Bhutan through us. Additionally, the following details are required for processing your Bhutan tourist visa prior to the date of your Bhutan travel. Your Bhutan visa will be sent to you before the start of your Bhutan tour.

Important Note: Passport Validity should be more than 6 months at the time of start of your Bhutan tour.

Bhutan Tourist Visa Fee

The Bhutanese Tourist Visa Fee is US$40/person onetime payment.

If the above information is not adequate and if you need further Bhutan travel information, please kindly write to us at and we will respond to you within minutes.

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